ok word haha

by LizRd Women

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ha_rim definitely in my top 3 turn of the century horror pop albums. LizRd Women is going to be huge! Favorite track: Boston Celtics 2007 - 2012 (In Memory of Rondo).
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tyler and me made a cage out of chairs while dylan and megan ate bagels and listened to songs: ohia and then we all went into a room and our friend dave came and pushed buttons and then i locked myself in a basement for a week until i felt like i was gonna die and then tyler fixed all my many many mistakes and then there was an ep

there's some references on this ep and in the liner notes to bands who are better than us if you find them you get this record for free jk take it for free it's free


released May 15, 2017

megan carswell - guitar, vocals
matt cruz - bass, vocals
dylanna kiely - guitar, vocals
tyler killer - drums

recorded at champlain studios

engineered by matt cruz and david lee fiddler
mixed by matt cruz and tyler killer
mastered by tyler killer




all rights reserved


LizRd Women New York

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Track Name: Connor Gilroy and the Crime Boners (Become the Teeth)
my friend Gilroy wants a boyfriend with a massive burn scar
he says everyones an ocean then says i'm a sandbar
well Gilroy, that's a shoal
i'm gonna beach all of the sharks around yr shores
that is my goal

went to yr house to watch a movie you always keep me out late
you said yr heart was like a blu-ray mines a VHS tape
i laughed, and shrugged it off
yr smile amputated by yr cough
says it all

Track Name: Pass Me That Bad Jonny
i've been dreaming lately about elevators falling
maybe of concern
consistency is fine with me
often times i lose my breath
just for a moment
never long
just enough time to forget where i am

when vision is blurry, stomach becomes soup
the colors floating behind your eyes
are tempting to give into

summer can be hard sometimes (sometimes)
the ground is a confusing place to stand

dark walls
all i can recall
is the feeling of a quiet room
your calls are ringing in my ear its the loudest sound that i ever knew

its amazing what a memory does and what it doesn't do
Track Name: Boston Celtics 2007 - 2012 (In Memory of Rondo)
i am nothing if not several peoples cat replacement
spread myself over the several weeks strategic silence
like a dead pet that visits in yr dreams
i measure you forgetting me
in days apart and in betweens

you came looking for a fist fight
i only came to eat glass
i'm picked last in knife class

this reads a little less sacrifice
and a whole lot more like crying on yr floor
alone at night

but everyone is younger than me
i keep my words tied to my teeth
while you sing
my hands write scriptures when you speak
nice one Elise

you said so much for a good bye
every swan song is someone elses lullaby

that's right Elise
you always seem to get it
i keep my words tied to my teeth
while you sing
my hands write scriptures when you speak
nice one Elise